Hong Kong

After our flight (Michael and me) from Taipei to Shenzhen we stayed a night and crossed the border at midday of the following day.

As Shenzhen borders directly to Hong Kong you can use the great public transport system from the first meter on to reach the city centre. Our hostel “YesInn” was located at HongKong Island at the station Fortress Hill. It is well known that the city has a problem with space, but sharing 8m² with two other people including the bathroom and toilet is a little bit to “cosy”.

Clemens has arrived one day before and so finally the travelling team 2011 was complete.

Hong Kong is one of these cities that are fascinating from the first minute on. The high buildings and great few from Kowloon to HongKong Island are just amazing.

Having a drink at the “Ozone Bar” or the Ritz Carlton Hotel is something everybody should do at least once being here. The great few from the roof-top terrace of the highest hotel in the world is a little bit more impressive than from the famous “Victoria’s Peak“.

Four days are enough to get a feeling of the lifestyle and visit the most important sights in town. Never forget to consider a high budget, because the prices here are just as high as the buildings!