Last days in Taiwan | Taipei

After packing all my stuff and saying goodbye to my colleagues from the NCKU-department I had to pay the water and the electricity for the last six weeks in my dorm. As always when you do not speak the language you get riped off and so  I got. The price for two weeks in the first room have been higher than in the other one for four weeks, but how to argue?

I took the HSR to Taipei and stayed at the really lovely “Eight Elephants Hostel”. It  was a bit tricky to find but the staff and the people welcomed me warmly. Michael already was waiting for me to go for hot-pot dinner and afterwards to a nightclub.

The “Lava” is a hip-hop and r’n’b club with NT$ 700 entry and all drinks for free. As we did no like the atmosphere here that much we went on to one of the most famous night-clubs in town, the “Spark”. It is in the cellars of the Taipei 101 tower and is in my mind really one of the best places to go for party in Taiwan.

Next day I met up with Jas, a local who showed Michael and me around. The Jiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall was our start-point. It was built in memory to the former president of the Republic of  China. The big square in front is bordered by the two opera-houses of the capital.

Afterwards we visited one of the most important temples, the “Long Shan – Temple“. The place is really crowded but interesting to watch the people praying and doing the rituals.

After a nice snake-soup and visiting the  “Shilin-night-market”, by the way one of the worst one in town, it was time to go home.

The last day in Taipei was reserved for the “National Museum of Taiwan”. It shows impressive art and jade-stone-work of the last centuries combined with interactive animations. You should calculate at least four hours to get through the whole exhibition and do not forget to bring a pullover, because it is really cold inside.

Thank’s to Jas and her family I was invited to have dinner with them and got known to a typical great Chinese dinner and people. – Thank’s again!