Taichung (臺中)

Taichung is located in the middle of the west-coast and is the third biggest city in Taiwan with about  800.000 habitants. We (Jennifer and Victoria two British English teachers working in Tainan and me) took the fastet non HSR train from Tainan what took about two hours. The price of NT$ 363 was OK but I forgot to get a reserved seat and the trains are always very crowded so I had to make myself comfortable on the floor.

The main train station of Taichung is very small and you will find your way easy. On the right side of the main entrance, next to a small Italian café you find some lockers. The local buses as well as to other cities are starting at LuChuan E. Street which is parallel to the train station.

The areal around the station is very fucked up and a lot of buildings are empty and really would need a refurbishment. As in any city in Taiwan the amount of scooters on the streets is just hilarious.

After a walk around visiting the municipal of the city (a nice Colonial European Building) and getting a picture of the city we decided to head over to the museums park. The Museum of Fine Arts is situated at the beginning of the green island. The entry is for free except the special exhibitions. The modern building houses modern paintings and sculptures as well as interactive installations of mostly Taiwanese and Chinese artists.

We had not thought of a place to stay and due to the fact that all hostels have been booked out we decided to stay in the FuChun DaFanDian Hotel. It is at the beginning of the ZhongShanLu on the left hand side. The street starts in front of the train station and is very easy to find. The rooms contain two double-beds, TV (including English channels), a refrigerator and a bath room with bathtub. Don’t expect to much but the rooms are mostly clean and for NT$1200 per night and room they are cheap.

For dinner we took a cap to the biggest night market of Taichung. The amount of people is enormous but you find all kinds of food stands and there are a lot of shops providing fake cloths and glasses.  To eat at least ones stinky-tofu is a must in Taiwan and so we did. The tofu smells very bad and is served with a spicy sauce. (We could just try and and had to throw away most of it.)

After a few beer in a Mexican  bar after a taxi ride through the whole city we decided to head back to the hotel to get a least a few hours of sleep.