Walking around in Tainan

Today was my first free day and I used it just to walk around and get known to the culture here. The weather was very nice with blue sky, but still the humidity is very high. After about 10 minutes walking you start sweating everywhere…

The first thing what came to my mind was the really bad air today. As already mentioned the last days it was always raining so not that much people have been on the streets and the air was clean. Today I smelled the uncountable number of scooters on the streets. Lucky me I found a very nice small park where I could feel a little breeze and though the air was not that bad. Under a tree I started to read my new book “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho.

When the sunset is starting, it actually gets quite comfortable around here. After a very long walk home (because I completely lost orientation) I suddenly found myself in the old part of the city where the traffic is just horrible and clear air is not existing. The only landmark in this city is the Shangri-La Hotel near the main-train station but because of the street canyons it is not always easy to find or see.