Arriving in Tainan and at the University

After a short connection ride with a local train from the HSR-station I finally arrived in the center. The recommended hotel (鐵道大飯店) in front of the station seemed a little but old but at least the room looked OK and they had internet access (NT$880/night). Waking up on the next day was strange. – There was no daylight in the room! The huge window in front of my bed was just fake.

After a short taxi ride I finally arrived at the university campus. It had already began to rain again and I got the feeling that buying an umbrella wouldn’t be the worst idea. After wandering around and asking several people about the location of the department I would work for the next 6 weeks, I finally found a Taiwanese who could speak English and he leaded me directly to the building. The National Cheng Kung University is a campus University where each department has got its own building. The area is like a park with a lots of tropical trees and long ways to go.

My colleagues welcomed me warmly and immediately told me that they had organized a place to stay for me. – What good news, and the room will have a window too!

After getting known to the whole team and my advisor Prof. Jeng the day was more less already over and I started to feel the jet-lag again. My new home was just 5 minutes away from the university, but far enough to get completely wet again.