The arrival

The start of my journey this year was more stress than I every thought. Michael was so nice to bring me with his car to the airport of Vienna. Unfortunately nobody thought about the several construction areas  in the city and to top this off the highway was completely blocked. Lucky me one hour before departure I could check in and “easily” got my flight to Frankfurt.

Changing in Frankfurt to Air China was something interesting. A Boing 747 without board entertainment system and about 29°C inside was more Asian style than I needed. After 16 hours and a stopover in Beijing I finally arrived in Taipei, Taiwan.

You feel immediately the openness of the people. Taiwan is definitely NOT China! At the airport nearly everybody speaks a little bit English and the people really want to help you to get along in this new environment. After a bus ride of about one hour I arrived in the center, beside the highest building of Taiwan, the Taipei 101. Starting from there on English was not existent. The taxi-driver at least got more less the direction I wanted to go and dropped me off somewhere at a night-market.

Finding the hostel wasn’t that easy cause the JV’s Hostel has no sign at the entrance what made me pass by 3 times till some western looking people told me where to go. The travelers and the staff in the hostel where really nice and easygoing. The seven bed dorm was clean and sheets are provided. In the whole house it is forbidden to wear your shoes but slippers are provided by them.