The first 24 hours in Taiwan

After a shower and coming down a bit in the hostel, I went out to have dinner at the night-market. These markets are very common in Taiwan. You get fresh food on the streets and all shops are open till after midnight. Everything has this Chinese touch but still a little bit more developed and more European. The shops do not sell copied stuff and nobody is shouting after you and trying to force you to buy something.

Back in the hostel I got known to some guys from the Netherlands, Germany and the USA. It did not take long and we arranged to go out this night. After a short taxi ride I found myself in the “Twiice Club”. The entry of NT$ 700 and everything free seemed to be a good offer, but the drinks were really bad (no alcohol) and even the beer has just 2.5% in this country!

Back in bed at 4am after a long talk with Hanno about his internship at VW in China I got up at 11am and went again with him for breakfast to Starbucks. Afterwards we headed over to Taipei 101 to get up. As I already got wet the day before the black clouds at the sky were coming closer and closer. I should find out later that at the time it is raining each day starting at about at 1-2pm.

Taipei 101 | 臺北101

The skyscraper was opened in 2004 and was the first building in the world to break the half-kilometer mark in height with 509,2 meters. The tower has 101 floors and is structured in eight segments. The number 8 is associated with prosperity and good fortune in the Chinese-speaking cultures.
In the 89th floor the observatory is located. You can get up with the fastest lift in the world (1001m/s) in 35 seconds for NT$ 400 (students: NT$ 370). The visitors have a 360° view over Taipei and if the weather is good you can get up on the roof. Unfortunately as  above already mentioned, the clouds were coming closer very fast and finally on the top it started raining.
In the middle of the tower the main tune mass damper is located. With its 660 tons out of 41 steal layers the damper reduces vibrations of about 40%. It is the only one in he world which is accessible by public.
Beside the tower a shopping mall with 6 floors is located. All big and expensive brands can be found here. Austria is a small country with a very traditional coffee culture, and this is what makes actually the mall a little special. The famous “Kaffee Amadeus” (Innsbruck, Salzburg, Vienna) expanded and opened one in the Taipei 101, too.

After packing my stuff I went to the main train station and got a ticket for the HSR (high speed train) to Tainan. NT$ 1350 is not really cheap, but 250 kilometers in less than 2hours is fast and the train is convenient.