Москва (Moscow)

The first day in Moscow was one of these days where you still have power and you would like to see everything at the same time. After visiting the Christ the Saviour Cathedral which was rebuilt in 1994 to 2000 and walking over to the Kremlin the T-shirt was completely wet and the head started to hurt. More than 33 Celcius degree and no shadow can not be stand more than 4 hours. After chilling in the Alexanderpark which is located in front of the Kremlin we went over to the red square. This famous place is located with the Kremlin on the right and the shopping mall GUM on the left side. On the one end is the beautiful St. Basil’s Basilika and on the other is the Russian National Museum.

After the sightseeing we met my two Russian friends who helped us to get the train tickets to Irkutzk. The trip will take us a little bit more than 4 days in the train and costs €242,00 if you buy the ticket directly at the train station. A person who speeks Russian should be with you because there are no counters where they speak English!