13th Century Park

After a very short night we went with to the 13th Century Park, about 100km away from Ulaanbaatar in the countryside. In this park several yurt camps are reconstructed and give a feeling for the life of the Mongolian long time ago. The entry fee of about €60 is very high and in my mind it is really to high.

With our driver we went from camp to camp. Based on the rest alcohol of the last night in our bodies and a temperature of about 37°C we did not have that much fun.

After about 5 hours we went further to the Dschinghis Khan monument. In the middle of nowhere a enormous silver statue of this man on his horse was built a few years ago. The plan is to open a kind of a entertainment park around this sight.

Back in UB we had a shower and Michael and me went with Sergelen to cafe Amsterdam. I was already upstairs on the terrace when I heard Michael shouting. I ran downstairs and saw a men holding Michael’s pocket. A lot of men where standing on the pavement and shouting at each other. One men was holding another one who tried to run away and Sergelen was discussing with a policeman. I got an update that a guy tried to steal Michael’s purse, but another Mongolian had seen this and tried to help. After Michael got back his values a few policeman came over and asked what had happened. The helper handed over the thief and wanted to live. During the police was talking to us, two other gang members of the robber smacked our new friend. After a long time at the police department we finally got our coffee, a new experience with the police and the never ending feel.