Улаанбаатар (Ulaanbaatar)

Sergelen, a Mongolian friend of us, living normally in Vienna picked is up from the train station at 06:00 o’clock in the morning and we directly started our sight seeing trip through Ulaanbaatar, the about 100 years old capital of Mongolia with about 1 Million habitants.

It is fascinating how the city has been growing in the last few years. The city centre is completely new. Around the main square which includes the parliament are all the new skyscrapers located. You find shops of all international brands like Luis Vuitton, Zegna, Hugo Boss etc. The country is rising up right now really fast. On the streets you just see expensive SUVs or really old cars. Just to get a feeling: UB has the highest number of Hummers on the world!

After the regular sights we went up to the hills which surround the city. Here you find the old yurt camps and the houses of the poor habitants. It is on the one hand fascinating to see the two different worlds of Mongolia, but on the other hand it is just sad.

After a long day of sightseeing and having a shower in our new hotel we went to a typical Mongolian restaurant called Modern Nomads with our new friends from Mongolia and the French girls, Sophie and Valerie we met in the train from Irkutsk to the capital. The night life of Ulaanbaatar is just great. A lot of beautiful women, great clubs and good music.