Olchon Island

This is really the highlight of our trip right now. The biggest island of the lake Baikal has got about 732 km² and is located 300 km away from Irkutsk. The city has got no pipe water and electricity has been provided since 2007. The only connection to the rest of the world is the new mobile network which works pretty well.

We are staying at Nikita’s Place. This is a kind of summer camp where you get your own room in one of the wooden houses or in a yurt. The accommodation is located in the biggest village of the island named Chuschir with about 1200 habitants. There are no bituminised streets and all houses made out of wood. The village looks like a favela in Latin America but the people are really friendly and some how it has got a flair.

The island is perfect for hiking and camping. There are about 300 days of sun a year and nearly no rainy days. Mostly everything is green and you can find some really beautiful beaches. I recommend always to have a jacket with you cause it can get really windy and cold from the one minute to the other. during the night the temperature normally is going down under 10 degrees Celcius! The lake it self is just beautiful! It is the biggest sweat water reservoir of the world and has got an area of 31.500km². The water is normally very cold, the average temperature is about 12 to 14°C.