In Irkutsk we are just staying for one night and get directly to Olchon Island at the Lake Baikal afterwards.
We are staying in the Baikaler Hostel which is located in the so called centre of the city. It is like a huge shared flat with  4 rooms, a bathroom and a small kitchen. The personal is very nice and helps you with all your problems and belongings. Costs per night: 540 Rubel

The city itself is just a crap. After a walk of about one hour you have seen everything what could be important. On the one hand it is cool to see the different buildings of the city because there are really old wooden block houses between new, derelict houses but there are really no sights. In a parks you can find two churches which were occupied by marriages and that’s it. The streets really need a refurbishment and the tram is from the last century. I really wondered that this bunch of metal is still working.

Actually we are really happy that we decided not just to stay 2 nights in Ikrutsk and get back on the train again! Everybody tells us, that Olchon Island is one of the most beautiful places they have every been to. – I am looking forward to it!